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Robot Wars' Journal

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26th September 2005

ariadne1312:13am: hello?
is there anyone still here?

anddoes anyone else think that robot wars started to go down hill when phillipa left?

and what ever happened to the maze challenge at the beginning of the first series? i thought that was way better because you didn't get the annoying fight of 'oh its not moving..has it broken down...yes is has...' because the ones that made it further were generally better.

and panic attack was fab - and im not just saying that because i'm welsh either...
Current Mood: curious

13th December 2003

tsutton4:21pm: Howdy!
First post since August 29th 2003. :)

Anyone saw the match today? It was crazy! I LOVE the fast blade spinning... it knocks the robot outta of the arena!

29th August 2003

admiralmemo10:26am: I just re-watched my favorite moment from Robot Wars
In the 5th Wars Heat H Semi-Finals, when Wheely Big Cheese fought Axe Awe, it flipped it out of the arena from halfway across the arena! That was a great flying robot! Whee!
Current Mood: awake

17th August 2003

admiralmemo6:28pm: Eh... To get something going, I'm trying out a poll...
Poll #169506 Favorite Robots

Who is your favorite house robot?

Sir Killalot
Dead Metal
Sgt. Bash
Mr. Psycho
I like the Ref Bot!!!!!

Who is your favorite fighting robot?

Current Mood: bored

10th January 2003

tsutton8:22pm: BBC Choice today
Just watched Robot Wars on BBC Choice today - UK vs Germany.

It ended with a draw and I think it's unfair. I think they should have played again!

Any comments on this?

11th November 2002

structx9:14pm: forgot to mention it: last friday i saw the kickoff of the 6th wars...
i liked the new format (first 2 times 4 and then one on one)
not sure about the new houserobots though, and the leather jackets are just awfull!
let me guess: razer champion again?

25th September 2002

tsutton1:05pm: TV
Does anyone know when will the new seris of Robot Wars will start on TV?

28th August 2002

liquidcrystal10:53pm: Traitors!

As you may be able to tell by the name of the website, they aren't about to say something good about robot wars, but I have not laughed so much in a long time.

The sad thing is, everything in the article is true, and all of the bits of the show they take the piss out of are why robot wars fans love it so much.

Happy reading, and if you're seriously offended by it...seek help. Now.
Current Mood: amused

13th August 2002

structx12:52pm: rwe
saw the last rwe, where razor beat tornado in the all-stars final
i especially liked the ant-class battle, that was real cute ;-)

9th July 2002

structx6:39pm: more extreme
"smell the oil, smell the fire, smell the steam...
smells like robot wars extreme!"
-- graig

saw some more extreme, anihilator semi finals, where firestorm 3 flipped over shunt (had to happen soorer or later) and sir killalot caught fire massively. yikes!

i don't know how old this episode is, but it not very recent, right?

18th June 2002

structx8:03pm: wanna build a robot?
get the book(s, more books on the same page)
Current Mood: tired

11th July 2002

structx11:31pm: uhhhh
this entry will look a little stupid, as i didn't know how to update entries posted to a community... but, now i know so this one is superflous, and i don't know how to delete it.




how ya people doing?


Current Mood: giggly

11th June 2002

structx11:23pm: robot wars usericons?
google coughed up 3 img you could use as a community usericon perhaps spixxie?
feel free to twitch them a bit of course, as i didn't do make myself anyway ;-)

Current Mood: gloomy
structx10:31pm: hooray!
BBC2 does broadcast the 5th wars!
should have thought of that sooner to use a belgian tv site to check it. it's on friday evening, and a rerun late at night. plus, a belgian channel also shows old wars on sunday afternoon. damn, why was i so stupid all this time?

and hmm, two posts in two days, this might become a busy community :-D

10th June 2002

structx11:44pm: saw another robot wars extreme
  • where tornado snitched the challenge belt from behemoth (yikes, grrreat battle!)
  • there actually was a belgian contestant, philliper, who tried to take on chaos2 together with a dutch bot, alien destructor... whaaaw that mighty flipper of chaos2 launched philipper with the full 99.9 kgs way up in the air, a deserved winner!
  • there also was a very short and disappointing tag, a stupid mayhem and a boring vengance match... but next time there's the annihilator, anxious to see what that gives.
    Current Mood: silly
  • 25th May 2002

    tsutton7:02pm: Last night
    Did anyone watch Robot Wars last night. It was a good show! Including the re-match!

    So close...

    24th May 2002

    reynardo2:01am: Australian Contest!
    Yippee! Greetings - I'm Gillian and I'm a student at the University of Western Sydney, in the Robotics (Mechatronics) area.

    I've been asked to set up Robot Wars here for next year. .. well.. OK.. I volunteered. Silly me. But anyway, that's why I've joined this commmunity and why I'm feeling like I've maybe taken on a bit too much.
    Current Mood: exhausted

    22nd May 2002

    structx12:40pm: wahey
    apparently robot wars extreme is on dutch tv (ned1) on monday evenings!
    i don't know if it's the current season, but i saw behemoth beat hypnodisc for their second challenge belt victory... u know where we are, arachne?
    Current Mood: robotic
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